Sanil Kumar Bhaskaran

Sanil Kumar Bhaskaran is one of the illustrious names in the airline services business, with impeccable credentials of having delivered exceptional services to passengers. He has over two decades of experience in the field and he is totally Immersed in his chosen field right from the outset, when he began his Airline related services operations at the age of 21 ,Sanil Kumar Bhaskaran began his career from the foundation level and with his dedication and exceptional skills worked his way through almost every position in the Organisation and his current role as MD is the reward for his yeoman efforts.

Sanil Kumar Bhaskaran associated himself with the Airline related Services at the Kolkata airport back in 2004.He gave a really good account of himself through his operations and slowly and steadily he established his credentials in the Baggage Mishandling delivery and Baggage wrapping .Sanil Kumar spread his wings with his dedication and passion in his field and over the years he carved a niche for himself in airports as varied as Chennai,Trivandrum and Kochi.His exemplary work brought him accolades and recognition. The contract that he got in baggage mishandling delivery at the Trivandrum airport after starting of his tryst on a trial basis, underlines his standing as a colossus in this field.

As Sanil Kumar Bhaskaran expanded his horizons when he extended his services in Passengers refreshment area and have his experience in the operations at the Executive Lounge Traveller Shop in Airports.

The Film Production Company named Wings Entertainment & Cinema was launched in 2017.Wings Entertainment & Cinemas,is a Film Production Company under the aegis of Speed Wings.His foray into the much coveted film industry is another chapter in a glorious success story.

Sanil Kumar Bhaskaran started Mishandled Baggage and Baggage wrapping in Cochin airport taking a giant stride towards sustained excellence. Sanil Kumar is also planning to expand his services by extending his base in Kochi airport.And his operations at the airport in the commercial capital of Kerala is just a first step in his well laid out plans to take his business to the next level.Sanil Kumar is nurturing a dream of being a major presence in the domestic airline scenario and also an international player of significance.

He is seeking to redefine the Baggage wrapping and Mishandling business in the airports across the world with his vision and passion Sanil Kumar Bhaskaran is not a Managing Director who is just leading the operations of the firm but he is active in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the company from the headquarters in Trivandrum. He oversees operations all across the Service Points. He holds a BA degree in education from the Kerala University.

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